Thursday, August 11, 2005

Salsa, Brownie & Me

:: my 1st blog ::
couldn't log on to msn to gossip, so here i am, trying my hands at blogging (nudged by my dear friend, mike)

i juz reunited with a good old friend, and i mean REALLY GOOD OLD friend! we've been together since the teenage years, we practically grew up together.. shared lotsa precious moments in life, seen each other thru birthdays, graduations, break-ups, new bfs, the toughest times & also the happiest hours! we connect naturally.. dun ask me how.. it juz happens.. she's like no other ;) (wait till she reads this, maybe she'll weep! keke)

and now we share a new interest! SALSA!
we're addicted now! but we're always faced with the shortage of guys problem! guys feel that it's too feminine.. how untrue! it's so sexy & sensuous, it's such a turn-on when a guy can lead & dance sexily! pick a weekend & pop down to union square to ogle, i guarantee your jaw will drop! well we juz completed beginner's level.. my turning still sucks! lots more steps to learn & to sharpen my basic.. hope the new instructor we're taking up can polish us till we "shimmer" *;o)
well, lotsa dirty laundry with the beginner's class..... *mouth zipped* for now, i juz can't wait for the new class on sat!! yipee!

my next favourite thing.. none other than my cutesy, loveable, notti like BROWNIE sausage! i name him after Brad Pitt! hahahaa he's supposed to be a miniature dacshund but i got cheated.. he's as long as my hand & arm out-stretched & 10kg heavy! gosh! i love it when he comes whining & greet me at the door every night.. the more i whine with him, the louder he gets! keke he's the gem of the family! brad loves getting into trouble too! pee & poo at unauthorized areas and will know when to hide when he needs to, to avoid a good spanking session from me! he loves to snuggle up with me, comes to me for sayang & all.. i dunno wat i'll do when it's time for him to go to heaven.. tat's in another 6-8yrs time ;( i think having a dog is really therapeutic.. he's such a darling!

okie, my day wasn't tat fantastic.. sickening client (put words in my mouth), did a delivery (13 cartons of extremely heavy boxes, i only carried 2 keke), my designer on leave, jobs got held up, another busy day tmrw, ARGH! Santa, i've been nice! Treat me good!


Blogger Lille said...

Hahaha...yes yes I am weeping now! ahhahaaaa...

6:11 AM  
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